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Armanino Launches TrustExplorer 2.0

November 7, 2019
Sharon Moran


Armanino Launches TrustExplorer 2.0

Armanino LLP announced last week their release of TrustExplorer 2.0 hailing it as an industry-wide milestone. TrustExplorer 2.0 utilizes blockchain technology to provide real-time attestation and is the world’s first application to provide this capability. This breakthrough has the capacity to reduce attestation reporting windows from 30 days to 30 seconds.

From the press release, “With real-time auditing, Armanino will be able to collect and preserve evidence continuously, conduct risk assessment and ensure ongoing accuracy through automated controls supported by periodic manual procedures. Instead of relying on ‘point-in-time’ reports that are stale as soon as they are distributed, real-time audits will ensure information is always current and relevant to the public.”

Additionally from the press release, “TrustExplorer 2.0 serves as our roadmap for how to take immutable tamper-resistant systems like blockchains, and harness them to provide attestation opinions both in real time and with accuracy that cannot be contaminated by human error,” said Andries Verschelden, partner and Blockchain practice leader at Armanino.

To learn more or to read the technical whitepaper, visit

Armanino offers multiple services including audit, blockchain, business management, and consulting. You can read more detailed descriptions about these services at From their website, “Armanino is one of the top 25 largest independent accounting and business consulting firms in the United States.” They have offices in California and throughout the West and Mid-West U.S. regions.

Armanino granted the first license to TrustToken, the world’s first largest stablecoin issuer. The TrustExplorer platform maintains public blockchain nodes enabling auditing of TrueUSD stablecoin.

Earlier this year, TrustToken launched four other stablecoins including TrueCAD (backed by Canadian dollars), TrueHKD (backed by Hong Kong dollars), and TrueAUD (backed by Australian dollars). 

TrueUSD is fully backed by the US dollar and a regulated stablecoin.

At press time, TrueUSD was at Rank 37 on CoinMarketCap with a price of $1.00.