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Big-Tech Censorship is a Constant Threat

January 8, 2020
Dominic Mann


Big-Tech Censorship is a Constant Threat

Millions of devices around the world use the Google Play store to download apps, and recently it was announced by Google that they suspended the cryptocurrency application MetaMask from their android users reach.

While backlash eventually led to a restoration of the MetaMask app, it reminds us just how important decentralization is to preserving our ability to make our own decisions.

The reason Google gave is that MetaMask breached their policy on exposing users to deceptive or harmful financial products and services.

In the policy it states that Google doesn’t “allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices,” even though MetaMask is not a mining application.

The ban came at a critical time for Google as its other platform, YouTube, recently started banning cryptocurrency channels and removing related videos. Despite attempting a mea culpa, many dispute the notion that the issue was resolved.

This type of action against the crypto scene is why many companies work towards creating a free environment where everyone has a right to freedom of speech.

Although a lot of channels have been restored, and Google claims it was a mistake, one can expect more problems from these platforms for crypto-related publishers.