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Coin Launches Crypto AI-Assistant Named AIDAN

November 25, 2019
Sharon Moran


Coin Launches Crypto AI-Assistant Named AIDAN

In a press release published yesterday on PR Newswire, U.S.-based technology startup, Coin announced the launch of the world’s first financial AI-assistant for digital assets. The Coin Assistant is named AIDAN which stands for Artificially Intelligent Digital Assets Ninja.

From the press release,

“Dubbed the “Venmo of Crypto”, sending or receiving money is a breeze and no longer requires a wallet address. Like Venmo, Coin’s wallet naming service allows users to send and receive assets directly by name or username.”

Users can send crypto with a simple text or voice command by using a friend’s name rather than a typical wallet address. In an upcoming release, Coin plans to integrate with messaging apps such as Telegram and Slack and voice-devices such as Google Home.

The $COIN token is a registered security and represents equity and shareholder ownership in the company. $COIN token holders can choose to lock their tokens in one of two Coin equity programs:

  • Coin Quarterly Dividend Program: Token holders earn quarterly dividends executed via a smart contract.
  • Coin Final Event Program: This program utilizes a smart contract for depositing or transferring proceeds from either an IPO or proceeds after the company is sold or acquired.

COIN also offers an incentive based reward program called Coin Rewards. This program enables token holders to redeem $COIN tokens for products, services, and tangible items 

News of the launch was confirmed by the team in a tweet as well. “We’d like to introduce “AIDAN”, your Coin Assistant and the world’s first financial AI-Assistant for digital currencies.

From the press release, “Coin XYZ, Inc. is a technology company that develops solutions to empower generations XYZ to execute financial services. The company’s mission is to simplify banking and digital assets.” Also from the company’s website, “The Coin team is assembled from a diverse team of Microsoft alumni including financial, technology, and blockchain industries.”

The Coin team is led by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Damon Nam, and Chief Technology Director, Byron Levels, and advisors include Christina Apatow, Tony Scott, Pete Cashmore, and Alex Mashinsky.