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Crypto: The Only Thing Saving Us From Personal Oblivion

September 10, 2019
Devin Milford


Crypto: The Only Thing Saving Us From Personal Oblivion

Imagine your worst enemy prying into the data trove about you that’s contained in the bowels of the major “Big Tech” companies.

These are the companies that are recording every interaction you make on the internet or in any electronic economic ecosystem (read: credit cards).

They know where you shop, what you buy, where you were and can get a good read on your movements and routines.

Take it from someone who’s done surveillance: These data points are a goldmine and a huge spider web for the unwary.

Now imagine that the only things protecting you from misuse of that information, to destroy you, are assumptions that the thousands of employees in those companies are all law-abiding and policy-abiding.

The odds against that are staggering and depressing.

That’s why big corporations have layers and layers of policies — of which the purpose is to protect them from lawsuits from tomorrow’s victims like you and me — but those policies don’t necessarily protect anyone from the darkest reaches of human nature.

To compound the risk to you, these big corporations often share that data, and their internal monitoring, across borders. That means the protections to consumers in Country A may not be enforceable — or even followed — in Country B. After all, your legal “rights” are only as good as your ability to enforce them in a jurisdiction that pays more than lip service to rights and concepts like “due process.”

And if the biggest of the Tech behemoths start with cross-border control of communications, data and commerce (the latter, through the inevitable permissioned cryptocurrencies they will roll out), you can be cut off from your money, your assets, your personal records, your ability to support yourself and your family, your ability to travel and even your effective ability to communicate.

So when one person, with a grudge, a woke cause or a serotonin imbalance decides to go after you, who you gonna call?

The Trustbusters!

And those trustbusters, the things to rescue us from the untrustworthy or the plainly evil, are the blockchain protocols like bitcoin.

Without bitcoin, we are all just keystrokes away from being de-banked, de-platformed and rendered economically unviable. Bitcoin is now the insurance policy of last resort against terrorism — personal, financial or physical — to which we are all vulnerable.