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German Police Investigate Bitcoin After the Synagogue Killer Received a Transaction of 0.1 BTC

October 14, 2019
Ross Peili


German Police Investigate Bitcoin After the Synagogue Killer Received a Transaction of 0.1 BTC

Earlier this morning, the Telegraph reported that the German police are investigating a crypto transaction that took place on the Bitcoin blockchain and involves the far-right extremist responsible for the 2 dead in Halle’s Judaism synagogue. 

The police found out that a deposit of 0.1 BTC, approximately worth €750 in euros, was made to Stephan Balliet, the organizer of the cold-blooded assault and therefore the investigation is focused on whether there is a broader network that supported the attacker’s actions or its just an irrelevant transaction. 

So far the police cannot confirm the suspect behind the initial transaction, although it seems that the two parties were communicating often in the digital realm. 

The authorities suspected the transaction when they cross-matched Balliet’s financial and social status, only finding out that he was unemployed for quite some time, and should not be credited eligible to afford all the equipment used in the planned attack against the local Judaist community. 

The killer confessed his crime and admitted that it was targeting the synagogue members, as he’s one of the, increasing in terms of numbers, far-rightists of modern Germany.

He also claimed that most of the tools used during his operation were handmade and easy to craft with basic raw materials, pointing out that they were cheap to generate, disregarding the Bitcoin transaction. 

Bulliet revealed to the police that he bought steel, cartridge cases, and a telescope among other parts not worth more than €100 euros altogether to plan his attack. 

It smells to me like he’s desperately trying to avoid linking the BTC transaction, more specifically whoever is behind it from being published, even if the police say that it seems like a dead-end at the moment. 

“The further investigations will deal in particular with the question of whether other persons were involved in the act or its preparation alongside Stephan Balliet”, a representative for the Federal Criminal Police said to the media.

Finally, but interestingly enough, the police believe that the 27-year old killer was influenced by online chatrooms with far-right extremist members, where he also posted his plan prior to the attack, leading to a fast response from the local police forces. 

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not only involved in fatal crimes such as the Halle synagogue shooting but can be used to finance other illegal activities, just as fiat can, except a spending trail is created on the immutable and transparent blockchain.

Recently, Washington state indicted a Singaporean man who allegedly had several digital IDs stolen and used them to mine cryptocurrencies utilizing Amazon’s AWS services and even Google’s Cloud. He was caught due to extreme processing power consumption that was not only notable but, according to Amazon, the largest data consumer at that time.