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Gods Unchained NFT Sells for 210 Ethereum

December 8, 2019
Dominic Mann


Gods Unchained NFT Sells for 210 Ethereum

Recently, NFTs have been in the crypto news sphere a lot with even Microsoft getting involved. These non-fungible tokens are built mostly on the Ethereum blockchain and they provide a unique selling point for collectors as they are much like real-life items, such as art where their value is determined by other collectors. These tokens are becoming the new crypto craze lately with auction sites popping up so people can bid on them.

Recently, a Gods Unchained card was sold through the popular auction site, Opensea, for 210 Ethereum, which is roughly $31,000 at the time of writing. Gods Unchained is a very popular cryptocurrency card game much alike Hearthstone, with the option for players to collect and sell their cards on such auction sites. Players on the game determine the price of these cards by their powers and abilities that the cards have inside the game. Some are a lot more powerful and rare than others, hence the higher price.

Although the high price, this isn’t the highest selling Gods Unchained card in history, as last year another card sold for $62,000. However, this sale does mark the highest ETH value for one card, but as the price of Ethereum has dropped dramatically from the sale last year, it is lower in USD value.

The reason these cards sold for so much is because there is only one of them each in existence, and with a total of 6.8 million cards, it is clear to see why collectors want them.

During the presale, players had a chance to get two mythic rarity cards in a pack, which is how the players got theirs. The lucky player briefly appeared in their discord channel to answer what he will do with the money, in which he replied: “Bills. I’m a normal dude. Need a new roof and furnace.”