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New Brave Update Allows Users to Withdraw Funds for the First Time Since its Release

October 7, 2019
Dominic Mann


New Brave Update Allows Users to Withdraw Funds for the First Time Since its Release

Since its release in 2016, Brave browser has been extremely successful since users can earn their native token, Basic Attention Token (BAT) simply for using the platform. Not only can users earn while browsing, but the Brave software is a lot more secure and private than traditional browsers like Google Chrome, allowing users to block ads. Brave states that earning rewards can be simple:

“Brave users who opt into viewing privacy-preserving Brave Ads earn BAT on a monthly basis (70% of the ad revenue), which is in turn donated to the user’s favorite online publishers and creators by default. There are now over 280,000 Verified Publishers on the Brave platform. With the new Brave wallet, users have the option to connect to their Uphold account and be directly rewarded for their attention while browsing with Brave. They can otherwise store BAT earned from Brave Rewards in the wallet.”

Users that have been using the browser frequently know that although BAT could be earned, it could never be withdrawn, only allowing for donations to websites that accept it. All that has now changed as Brave browser announced today in an official blog post that their most recent update (0.69) has the ability to withdraw funds to any Ethereum based wallet. The company stated that:

“With today’s updated Brave browser for desktop (0.69), Brave users can choose to transfer Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) out of their Brave Rewards wallet and convert the tokens to many digital assets and fiat currencies, after completing a verification process with digital money platform Uphold.”

Users who chose not to withdraw still have a variety of options to use their BAT. Once verified, users will be able to:

  • Add BAT via fiat or other cryptocurrencies
  • Take out BAT earned via Brave Rewards and convert to fiat and other cryptocurrencies
  • Take out BAT they previously deposited in their Brave wallet
  • Store BAT earned from Brave Rewards