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Samsung Dives Deep Into Public Ledgers With MANA and XLM Partnerships

July 31, 2020
Ross Peili


Samsung Dives Deep Into Public Ledgers With MANA and XLM Partnerships

It appears that Samsung, the S. Korean R&D firm that should normally need no further introductions, is more than keen on adopting and promoting blockchain technology on a corporate level.

Besides the fact the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 series comes with a built-in Samsung Blockchain Wallet, the hi-tech giant is now directly involved in Ethereum sub-cultures. More specifically, Samsung partnered with Decentraland, probably the oldest and most popular blockchain-based VR realm, in order to accelerate blockchain adoption.

According to the official announcement, Samsung Blockchain Wallet, which is not your typical custodian crypto wallet, but rather a web3 compatible digital ID and crypto-assets pouch, will now feature NFTs (non-fungible tokens), MANA, Decentraland’s native currency, as well as LAND parcels that could be directly purchased from and stored on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

Furthermore, Samsung was involved in some pioneering business with Decentraland developments, resulting in real-time interactive multiplayer games, such as VR football.

New Decentraland-based jobs are on the making, with DCL Blogger revealing some initial positions around the field of multiplayer games.

It seems like netizens will be able to make a living by streaming various in-game events, act as referees in competitive games, and provide live verbal commentary during large-scale events.

Of course, Decentraland is not the only crypto venture Samsung is involved with. Earlier this summer, the world’s leading smart hand-held devices manufacturer revealed a partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation, the non-profit org behind our favorite IBM-backed public cryptocurrency Stellar (XLM). 

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In essence, XLM will be soon added to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, offering Samsung device users with secure ways to generate and store their Stellar wallet(s) private keys.

“To have a really simple way for users to store their keys and utilize them on-chain is so important, and why we are excited about this announcement,” Denelle Dixon, Executive Director at Stellar Development Foundation said in an interview.

Samsung firstly joined the blockchain train back in 2019, when Galaxy S10 series would accept, store, and transfer Ether (ETH), before Bitcoin (BTC), and other popular cryptocurrencies followed the summer of the same year. 

Today’s Samsung Blockchain Wallet can hold more than thirty (30) different blockchain-powered assets, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and crypto collectibles. 

As for XLM, this move ads up to Stellar’s arsenal of traditional hi-tech partners, and Samsung, which addresses near 20% of the global smartphone needs stands tall to Stellar’s previous partner IBM. 

According to Forbes, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet and Keystore is currently available on a handful of native devices and in limited countries:

S20 Series, Z Flip, Note 10 Series, Fold, S10 Series, currently in beta in South-East Asia.

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