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TruStory Recently Launched Mobile App

October 18, 2019
Sharon Moran


TruStory Recently Launched Mobile App

In an email sent out yesterday, Preethi Kasireddy CEO of TruStory, announced the launch of TruStory on Mobile. Their mobile app is now available for both iOS and Android. Previously, all activity on TruStory took place via their web platform. TruStory’s tagline is “Stop yelling. Start debating.”

TruStory is a new social network with a focus on debating. Directly from the TruStory website, “Our mission is to make the Internet more open-minded by encouraging productive debate. Social networks today incentivize outrage, echo chambers, and fragmented conversation. Traditional media promotes clickbait and hot takes. We’re changing that by rewarding open-mindedness, transparency, and humility. TruStory is a social network where your reputation is entirely based on the strength of your arguments.”

Users stake TRU, the platform’s native currency, to make claims, and they receive TRU when users agree to them. They also receive a portion of TRU when agreeing with claims made by other users.

TruStory raised $3 million in funding in early 2018 led by True Ventures, and investors are numerous including Pantera Capital, Kindred, and Abstract Ventures.

In June this year, TruStory also announced that they planned to shift their focus as platform participants were using the platform to debate claims rather than verify them. (TruStory’s original focus was to verify the authenticity of ICOs and identify scams before they happen).

TruStory lists a total of 5 values on their website and 9 guidelines that users can implement when devising arguments. Values include things such as, “Be Inquisitive, Be Humble, and Be Transparent. Their 9 guidelines assist users with forming well-structured claims.

Kasireddy is a graduate of University of Southern California where she studied Industrial and Systems Engineering. Before launching TruStory, she worked at Goldman Sachs, Coinbase, and Andreessen Horowitz. 

On October 18, 2019 at 9 am Pacific Time, TruStory will release their Tentative Tokenomics Document Release, and they plan to follow up with a live Q&A on Periscope at 12 pm on the same day.

TruStory platform divides claims into multiple categories including Cryptocurrency, Environment, Politics, Privacy & Data Security, and Programming. Some claims recently being debated on the platform include, Object oriented programming is dead, Cryptocurrency will allow games to evolve to the “next step,” and Technology makes people dumber.

Visit to read existing claims or join in and debate.