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Zap Announces Partnership With Howdoo

January 20, 2020
James Hall


Zap Announces Partnership With Howdoo

Zug, Switzerland, Jan. 20th, 2020 — Zap, the decentralized blockchain developers’ product suite, announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Howdoo, a decentralized social media and content delivery company start-up. Howdoo has told Zap it expects its platform to go live in Q1 2020.

Howdoo is a social media and content delivery platform for today’s generation. Using its own public blockchain, Howdoo empowers people, groups, and communities to reclaim their digital footprints, redefine how they engage with advertising, and get rewarded by social media for both their participation and contribution.

“Facebook has tremendous power and has proven itself an unreliable steward of the data of billions of people all around the world,” said Zap Founder/CEO Nick Spanos. “Zap is pleased to partner with Howdoo to educate them about using our developer tools – including oracles and bonding curves – to facilitate social connections while respecting data privacy and security. We owe it to our descendants to free ourselves from the centralized information silos that aim to enslave us and bring power back to the people, and that’s what we’re doing.”

David Brierley, CEO of Howdoo, said “We are thrilled to have Howdoo partner with Zap which is a vital piece of layer 2/3 blockchain tech. Being powered by Zap will only serve to enhance the platform’s decentralization and allow for our users to truly take control and monetize their own data without an intermediary. Moving forward we look forward to utilizing the Zap framework and iterating different ways to create even more value and opportunities for all Howdoo users.”

Zap will be announcing more partnerships with international companies for Zap’s technology. “Having built this technology, Zap is excited that the world is finally catching up,” said Adam Manka, Zap consultant. “Decentralized price discovery, market making, bonding curves, oracles and so much more are packed into our protocol right out of the box. This trend towards the integration of layer 2 and layer 3 blockchain into businesses is something our team has eagerly anticipated for quite some time. I fully expect that more companies will be announcing partnerships with Zap to leverage our protocol’s amazing capabilities.”

Zap is an ERC-20 compliant utility token with a fixed supply to enforce product scarcity. The Zap token functions within the Zap ecosystem and can be used for monetizing feeds as well as access to the platform’s data. In order to create oracles or inquire about data from providers, the subscriber and provider must “bond” their Zap in an oracle.

The only way to take control over an oracle is through a “dot”, a unit for querying that is neither destructible or interchangeable and the amount released per token depends on supply-demand. This is a diversion away from the peer-to-peer payment model adopted by competing networks but it is by design.